Graffiti Robots

Interactive robot installation

This is a proposal inspired by the London Borough of Hackney removing graffiti in an attempt to gentrify the borough in preparation for the London Olympics. This got me thinking. Hackney has been a popular area for artists and consequently street artists too. So instead of removing the pieces, which is generally a thankless and pointless task as it does not appear to stop or deter the graffiti artists who continue to throw up pieces. Why not encourage them and make an interactive attraction.

Interactive graffiti robots are installed at specific locations throughout the borough allowing people to interact and participate by sending messages for the robots to throw up either by mobile phone or through an internet website. These robots would be industrial robots as used in the automotive industry which would spray water based paint. This paint would then wash off when it rained referencing both the councils attempts to remove the graffiti and the relatively temporary nature of street art.

graffito stickers_002 [Converted] copy
graffito stickers_003 [Converted]